Silicon Valley Sunrise 2020 Voting Guide


US Representative — District 17

Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Santa Clara, Milpitas, Newark, Fremont, North SJ

Candidates: Ro Khanna (D — Incumbent) & Ritesh Tandon (R)

Sunrise SV does not officially endorse anyone in this race but supports the vote for Ro Khanna — Khanna was an original cosponsor of the GND in the house and supports a number of other progressive issues in alignment with the Sunrise Movement.

US Representative — District 18

PA, Stanford, Los Altos, Mountain View, Campbell, Saratoga, Los Gatos, Scotts Valley, Menlo Park, Redwood City, SJ (parts)

Candidates: Anna Eshoo (D — Incumbent) & Rishi Kumar (D)

Sunrise SV does not officially endorse anyone in this race. The incumbent, Eshoo, was an original cosponsor for the Green New Deal and supports the GND policies. She supports rejoining the Paris Agreement, implementing a carbon fee through the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act and increasing tax credits for 10 years to incentivize electric vehicle purchase. Eshoo also wants to implement a new forest management plan for federal lands. Rishi Kumar also supports the Green New Deal and its goal of creating millions of sustainable jobs, transitioning to clean energy, replacing old/hazardous infrastructure and lowering costs of energy through these practices.

US Representative — District 19

San Jose, Morgan Hill

Candidates: Zoe Lofgren (D — Incumbent)& Justin Aguilera (R)

Sunrise SV does not officially endorse anyone in this race. The incumbent, Lofgren, has been in this congressional seat since 1995. She was a cosponsor for the Green New Deal however her current website does not mention the GND by name. She supports policies that create energy efficiency, clean renewable energy and next gen power technologies.


State Assembly — District 24

PA, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Los Altos, Cupertino, Woodside, Atherton, East PA, Menlo Park

Candidates: Marc Berman (D — incumbent) & Peter Ohtaki (R)

Sunrise SV does not officially endorse any candidate in this race. The incumbent Marc Bergman has been in the State Assembly since 2016 and has sent 47 bills to the Governor in his first three years in office. He grew up in PA and served on its city council as well. He has authored bills to ensure voter security, better higher education systems, and worked to prepare CA for the 2020 census to get all Californians counted.

State Assembly — District 25

Fremont, Newark, Milpitas, San Jose, Santa Clara

Candidates: Alex Lee (D) & Bob Brunton (R)

Alex Lee is Sunrise Silicon Valley’s choice for State Assembly D25 — Alex is committed to building a future for Bay Area residents by bringing affordable housing, investments in education, expanded transit, and climate adaptations to the Bay Area. His extensive knowledge of the community & the issues we face as well as experience with legislative policy makes us confident that Alex will get things done in the state capitol. Alex rejects all corporate money and has signed the GND Pledge and the No Fossil Fuels Money Pledge. Learn more about Alex at

State Assembly — District 27

San Jose

Candidates: Ash Kalra (D — incumbent) & G. Burt Lancaster (R)

Sunrise SV does not officially endorse any candidate in this race. The incumbent Ash Kalra was elected to the State Assembly in 2016 after serving 8 years in the SJ City Council.

State Assembly — District 28

Campbell, Cupertino, Los Gatos, San Jose, Saratoga, Monte Sereno

Candidates: Evan Low (D — incumbent) & Carlos Rafael Cruz

Sunrise SV does not officially endorse any candidate in this race. The incumbent Evan Low has been in the State Assembly since 2014 after serving on the Campbell City Council as a council member and mayor. Evan is running on a platform to address LGBT rights, environmental protection (he has supported legislation for clean air/water/energy) , housing affordability and innovation in the Silicon Valley.

State Senate- District 13

Atherton, Burlingame, EPA, Menlo Park, Millbre, Redwood City, Sam Mateo, South SF, Los Altos, PA, Mountain View, Sunnyvale

Candidates: Josh Becker (D) & Alexander Glew (R)

Sunrise SV does not officially endorse any candidate in this race. Josh Becker is public policy innovator working at the nexus of community activism, technology, and social justice and longtime Bay Area resident. He is running on a platform of sustainable housing policies, better public transportation to reduce our traffic problems, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels & prepare/address sea level rise, healthcare for all and women’s equality in the tech workplace. Josh is widely endorsed by elected officials (Gavin Newsom, Kamala Harris, Ed Markey, Anna Eshoo, Ro Khanna and many others) as well as organizations (including the Sierra Club).

State Senate- District 15

Campbell, Cupertino, Los Gatos, Monte Sereno, San Jose, Saratoga

Candidates: Dave Cortese (D) & Ann Ravel (D)

Dave Cortese is Sunrise Silicon Valley’s choice for CA State Senate D15 — Dave has extensive experience with his work on the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors as well as the SJ City Council. You can tell the breadth of his impactful work when you look at the variety of support he has in the community — teachers, healthcare workers, union workers, union PACs, small/business owners. Dave has seen real results in his work to build a California where everyone can thrive. His campaign centers on creating a good future for the whole community — sustainable practices, accessible transit, affordable housing, social justice and safety. Learn more about Dave at

For more information on state propositions, please visit the Sunrise Bay Area Voting Guide for a detailed look at each of the props.


Measure RR — Rail Service Tax

Santa Clara County & San Mateo County

Sunrise Silicon Valley supports a vote YES for Measure RR, which adds a 0.125% sales tax to provide dedicated funding for Caltrain. While we recognize that sales taxes are not the most equitable, our most vulnerable communities are in dire need of public transit, which California currently lacks. Support for this measure will support more equitable access to Caltrain, electrify the transit system, and remove millions of metric tons of carbon emissions. This is on your ballot if you’re in San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Clara counties.

Measure T -Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority

Santa Clara County

Sunrise Silicon Valley supports a vote YES for Measure T, which maintains the current parcel tax used to preserve parks and open areas. This parcel tax has been the majority of the funding used to nearly double protected space in the county and complete nearly 300 projects in the last 6 years. This funding has also provided benefits to urban areas by helping fund educational trips for schools and community groups, especially in economically disadvantaged areas. This is on your ballot if you’re in Santa Clara Valley. Learn more at

Measure N — Loma Prieta Joint Union Elementary School District

Los Gatos/ Saratoga

Sunrise SV does not officially endorse this measure. A YES vote supports 7 years of a parcel tax ($164/year) to generate an estimate of ~$328k for academic programs at Loma Prieta Joint Union Elementary School District while a NO opposes the parcel tax.

Measure G — Charter Amendment

San Jose

Sunrise SV does not officially endorse this measure. A YES vote amends the city charter to add independent police auditors to review records related to officer involved shootings/use of force, increase the size of the planning commission from 7 to 11 and authorize the city council to redistrict following the census results. A NO opposes all of the above.

Measure H — Cardroom Tax

San Jose

Sunrise SV does not officially endorse this measure. A YES vote supports increasing cardroom taxes from 15% to 16.5% and add an additional tax on the gross revenue of funding sources. Funds would be used for services like fire protection, disaster preparedness, 911 response, street repair, youth programs, addressing homelessness. A NO vote opposes the tax. No official statement against this measure has been submitted to the city.

Measure C

Mountain View

Sunrise SV endorses a vote for NO on Measure C. A YES prohibits parking of oversized vehicles (except wheelchair-accessible vans with a valid disabled placard and those exempted for short duration activities) on narrow streets 40 feet or less in width. A NO opposes this restriction. This was originally an ordinance passed by the city council, but a large number of housing and social justice advocates gathered signatures to put it on referendum. Measure C is colloquially known as the “RV ban”. The city of Mountain View has created some safe parking lots, but it’s capacity is nowhere near the number of spots needed to address the 400+ RVs on our streets. This will leave many vulnerable and low income families with no place to go. Progressive organizations: Mountain View Housing Justice Coalition, Silicon Valley DSA, SURJ and the Santa Clara County Democratic Party opposes Measure C.

San Jose City Council — D4

San Jose D4

Candidates: Lan Diep & David Cohen

Sunrise SV does not officially endorse any candidate in this race. Lan Diep is the incumbent in this race. He opposes rent control, supports reducing fees for developers and has facilitated the growth of the SJPD to over 1100 officers. Cohen on the other hand supports addressing homelessness through supporting affordable housing. Cohen is also running on a platform for sustainable development that protects the environment, investing in community resources and supporting alternate transportation methods. Cohen is backed by Zoe Lofgren, Ash Kalra, Evan Low, Sierra Club, Santa Clara County League of Conservation Voters & Santa Clara County Democratic Party among many others.

San Jose City Council — D6

San Jose D6 (Willow Glen, Rose Garden)

Candidates: Jake Tonkel & Devora Davis

Jake is Sunrise Silicon Valley’s choice for SJ City Council D6 — Jake is the solution to “politics as usual.” Jake prioritizes the things that our communities truly care about — strengthening our education system to create living wage work across industries, sustainable and affordable housing, strong environmental justice plans, representation of the community members instead of corporations, and racial justice our diverse community demands. His community driven mindset is exactly what we need in SJ City Council to lead us into an equitable and prosperous future. Learn more about Jake at

Fremont Mayor


Candidates: Lily Mei, Justin Sha, Marlene Santilli, Naz Khan + Chris Hampton, and Vik Bajwa-Singh

Sunrise SV does not officially endorse any candidate in this race. Lily Mei is the incumbent mayor seeking re-election. Her challengers include Justin Sha, Marlene Santilli, Naz Khan, Chris Hampton, and Vik Bajwa-Singh.

Fremont City Council — D1

Fremont D1

Candidates: Teresa Kang

Sunrise SV does not officially endorse any candidate in this race. Teresa Kang is the current incumbent City Councilmember running for re-election, and her key issues are addressing housing and houselessness, COVID-19 recovery, and ensuring safe communities and holding police accountable

Fremont City Council — D5

Fremont D5

Candidates: Raj Salwan & Dolev Gandler

Sunrise SV does not officially endorse any candidate in this race. Raj Salwan has served as a Fremont City Councilmember for the last three years. Key issues listed on his website include supporting small businesses, investing in infrastructure, and helping with traffic congestion. Dolev Gandler is a student engineer, and his key issues listed include supporting educators, traffic reform, and improving sustainability practices in Fremont.

Fremont City Council — D6

Fremont D6

Candidates: Yogi Chugh, Teresa Cox, Charles Liu and many more

Sunrise SV does not officially endorse any candidate in this race. Yogi Chugh is a small business owner and his platform includes a COVID-19 recovery plan, supporting small business, and housing affordability. Teresa Cox is an Ohlone College Trustee whose priorities include a COVID economic recovery plan, public safety, affordable housing, and local job creation. Charles Liu is a Fremont Planning commissioner, and his key issues include public safety and supporting the police force, small business support, and affordable housing.

Sunnyvale Mayor


Candidates: Michael S. Goldman, Nancy Smith & Larry Klein

Sunrise SV does not officially endorse any candidate in this race. Michael Goldman was elected to the Council in 2016. He is a Vietnam Veteran and high school teacher. As mayor, he will work with mobile home residents and park owners to extend rent stabilization. Other priorities include more public electric chargers, net-zero emissions for new constructions, and creating a volunteer airplane noise commission to lobby the FAA. Larry Klein is currently Sunnyvale’s appointed Mayor and was first elected to the Council in 2016. He serves on the Sunnyvale’s Community Gardens Board, Centennial Parade and Celebration Planning Committee, Historical Society and Museum Association and was a Founding Member of Charles Street Community Gardens. For four years, he has met weekly with residents and works closely with business owners. His priorities are to fight for regional solutions for housing, pushing progressive environmental action, and move to better transportation options. Nancy Smith is the current Vice Mayor of Sunnyvale and was elected to the Council in 2016. She represents the City on the California League of Cities Women’s Caucus (President), Silicon Valley Clean Energy Authority Board (Vice-Chair, Recycling and Waste Reduction Commission (Vice-Chair), Santa Clara Valley Water Commission and Caltrain Modernization Local Policy Maker Group. She wants to build a livable and sustainable city for all as a leader in addressing climate change, plant trees, and supporting solutions for the housing crisis.

Sunnyvale City Council — D2

Sunnyvale D2

Candidates: Alysa Cisneros, Josh Grossman & Hina Siddiqui

Alysa Cisneros is Sunrise Sunrise Silicon Valley’s choice for Sunnyvale City Council D2 — Alysa is a Sunnyvale native & has been a policy researcher and community organizer for many years. She has worked in many different roles, making connections with leaders to bring about collective action for our community. She knows how to get things done. Now she wants to use these skills to address the issues that matter to all residents of Sunnyvale with a mission centered on equity. Affordable housing, justice, safety, healthcare and vibrant communities for all. Learn more about Alysa at .

Sunnyvale City Council — D4

Sunnyvale D4

Candidates: Paul Joseph Lesevic-Campos & Russ Melton

Sunrise SV does not officially endorse any candidate in this race. Paul Lesevic is an environmental and biomaterials engineer. As a student he participated in a poverty alleviation project in Tijuana, and was named a 2005 National Hispanic Scholar. His priorities are to work on the housing crisis, ensure neighborhood safety, start youth programs and support small businesses. Russell Melton is a retired credit union EVP and COO and was elected to the Council in 2016, previously serving as Vice Mayor. He represents the City on the Moffett Field Restoration Advisory Board, Santa Clara County Expressway 2040 Policy Advisory Board, Santa Clara Valley Water Recycled Water committee, and Silicon Valley Regional Interoperability Authority, Santa Clara County Emergency Operational Area Council, County Local Agency Formation Commission, and the League of California Cities Revenue and Taxation Policy Committee. His priorities are to address the immediate economic impact from the pandemic while continuing to work on longstanding problems of traffic, climate change, and affordable housing.

Sunnyvale City Council — D6

Sunnyvale D6

Candidates: Leia Mehlman, Omar Din & Charlotte Thornton,

Sunrise SV does not officially endorse any candidate in this race. Leia Mehlman works in safety systems management. Her priorities include tackling transportation, housing, and environmental issues. Omar Din is a financial analyst and long-time Sunnyvale resident. His priorities include encouraging mixed-use developments to reduce vehicle traffic, increasing the housing supply in Sunnyvale, and supporting the Active Transportation Plan in all aspects related to traffic and transit. Charlotte Thornton is an environmentalist, broadcaster, and technologist.

Palo Alto City Council -

Palo Alto

Candidates: Raven Malone, Steven Lee, Cari Templeton + many more

Raven Malone is Sunrise Silicon Valley’s choice for Palo Alto City Council — Raven wants to be the voice for Palo Altans who haven’t been heard in the past. Palo Alto is a city with so much wealth, great resources and low crime rates but not everyone feels the safety and abundance. She wants to create an infrastructure for our future, supports housing as a human right, and will work to invest in community safety. Learn more about Raven at

Mountain View City Council

Mountain View

Candidates: Many

Sunrise SV does not officially endorse any candidate in this race. There are many candidates in this race and Mountain View citizens can vote for 4 of the 9 people in this election to fill the 4 open seats.

Our description of the candidates goes (roughly) in order of their record of support of our group’s values, however many of the candidates hold roughly equal standing in this regard, so there is certainly overlap.

Cupertino City Council


Candidates: Joseph JR Fruen, Hung Wei, Kitty Moore, Steven Scharf and Charlene Shulien Lee

Sunrise SV does not officially endorse any candidate in this race. Two seats are open on the Cupertino City Council this year. Fruen and Wei are the candidates backed by most progressive organizations. Fruen is a Cupertino native and is running on a platform of affordable housing, improving public transit, and prioritizing responsible and transparent spending in city council. Hung Wei, a former city council member, is running on a platform of supporting small businesses, advocating for housing solutions and supporting environmental regulations. Both are endorsed by the Santa Clara League of Conservation Voters.

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