Pelosi Responded to Our Demand Letter. Here’s What We Have to Say Back.

  • the Green New Deal For Public Housing Act (S-2876)
  • the Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act (HR-6906)
  • the Automatic BOOST To Communities Act (HR-6553)
  • the Federal Jobs Guarantee Development Act (HR-4278)
  • and the Debt-Free College Act (S-672)
Images of Nancy Pelosi are superimposed over a red-orange image of a Bay Area bridge during the wildfires last fall, with the text “‘The Green Dream or whatever they call it’ — Nancy Pelosi to Politico February 7, 2019. “
Pelosi’s response letter may have been more professionally worded, but it met our urgent demands with the exact same careless energy. Meme created by Meme-Industrial Complex.



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Sunrise Bay Area

Sunrise Bay Area

We’re the Bay Area hub of Sunrise Movement — building an army of young people to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process.