Pelosi Responded to Our Demand Letter. Here’s What We Have to Say Back.

Sunrise Bay Area
2 min readMar 10, 2021

By the Sunrise Bay Area Communications Team

On January 21st, 2021, the SBA hub sent a letter to our congress member representing San Francisco, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, asking her to act with urgency to implement five bills that would address climate change, economic inequality, and provide material security for all Americans through the remainder of the coronavirus pandemic. These bills are:

  • the Green New Deal For Public Housing Act (S-2876)
  • the Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act (HR-6906)
  • the Automatic BOOST To Communities Act (HR-6553)
  • the Federal Jobs Guarantee Development Act (HR-4278)
  • and the Debt-Free College Act (S-672)

Read our letter here.

On January 25th, her office replied with a copy-and-paste response that addressed exactly ZERO of our demands. Instead, she patted herself on the back for the pitiful coronavirus relief bill that was passed in December.

Images of Nancy Pelosi are superimposed over a red-orange image of a Bay Area bridge during the wildfires last fall, with the text “‘The Green Dream or whatever they call it’ — Nancy Pelosi to Politico February 7, 2019. “
Pelosi’s response letter may have been more professionally worded, but it met our urgent demands with the exact same careless energy. Meme created by Meme-Industrial Complex.

Read her response here.

We didn’t ask her for a bullet point list of the crumbs that she and the GOP offered to struggling American families. We asked her, as constituents, to respond to five bills which would meaningfully improve the lives of people suffering in our district and across the country. We didn’t ask her what she’s already done. We asked her what she is going to do moving forward with a Democratic government in Congress and the White House (delivered to her by organizers and young people of color) to address the overlapping crises our country is facing, and she blatantly ignored us.

Our demands not only offer much needed structural reform to our economy, they are political winners: over 60% of the country wants more affordable housing in their neighborhood, 2020 Fox News exit polls found 72% of voters support government-run health insurance, over 65% of American support monthly $2k checks, more than 78% of voters support a federal jobs guarantee, and over 76% of Americans support free college.

Nancy Pelosi puts us in danger of losing the Democratic majority in 2022 if she does not deliver on key legislation that will set our country on the right path forward, and a divided Congress would be disastrous for our country and the planet. Pelosi’s ignorance is a threat to our democracy. She might not have read our letter, but we will for certain make sure she hears our voice — by escalating our pressure to pass these much needed bills, and if need be by kicking her out of office in 2022.



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