By Sunrise Bay Area

The California State Senate has asked us to wait another year before considering SB 260: a bill that takes the logical step of requiring the richest companies operating in California to disclose their climate pollution. But the climate crisis is not waiting. SB 260’s suspense comes…

The California Senate is currently considering SB 260, a bill that would require any corporation with revenues over $1 billion that does business in California to report the full scope of their carbon emissions and set science-based goals to reduce those emissions over time. …

by Marissa Saenger

On Wednesday evening last week, we — youth climate activists with the Sunrise Movement, our allies, and members of the Bay Area community — lined up outside of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco office to demand that all people living in the United States of…

By the Sunrise Bay Area Communications Team

On January 21st, 2021, the SBA hub sent a letter to our congress member representing San Francisco, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, asking her to act with urgency to implement five bills that would address climate change, economic inequality, and provide material…

Protect our communities now

By Joy Watson

My one-year-old son plays at Keller Beach, a popular swimming area now polluted by Chevron’s oil spill.

The drive from Richmond to Marin County is, like most of the Bay Area, full of contrasts that are oftentimes uncomfortable. The busy and brightly colored store fronts of my neighborhood in San Pablo fade quickly into shades of gray- concrete, rubble, chain-link, rusted mobile homes and…

Dear Representative Khanna,

We are the Silicon Valley Chapter of the nationwide Sunrise Movement. As climate justice organizers, we understand the need for urgent action to address the climate crises that are already devastating our communities. We believe in environmental, economic, and social justice — not just because they are…

We are facing cascading crises and need bold government action to address them. No more excuses, no more compromises.

SBA organizers gathered tonight in front of Pelosi’s office to demand true progressive action — The Green New Deal for Public Housing, $2000 monthly checks, emergency health care coverage, and more.

Dear Madam Speaker,

We are the Bay Area Chapter of the nationwide Sunrise Movement. As climate justice organizers, we understand the need for urgent action to address the climate crises that…

Warning: Graphic images of police violence below.

Yesterday, Gavin Newsom appointed Alex Padilla to fill Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’ seat in the U.S. Senate. This appointment was only possible because young people of color — motivated by climate and environmental justice — mobilized to power the Biden-Harris victory.

An Open Letter to Governor Newsom

December 9, 2020

Dear Governor Newsom,

This year, young people — especially youth of color — voted in record numbers to deliver Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s victory. Sunrise Movement alone contacted 3.5 million unique voters in Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, mobilizing our generation to secure the Democrats’ margin…

Sunrise Bay Area

We’re the Bay Area hub of Sunrise Movement — building an army of young people to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process.

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